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Mr. Wang Guoxin Chairman and President of Juli Group

In china, application of electrical industrial commodity has been around 120 years, this is a development history of China power industry and a magnificent history. The past 67 years in old Chia, this industry developed slowly and difficultly. Along with the birth of new China, it embraced its rebirth. The 53 years after founding of new China is the period in which industry develops quickly, during this period China power industry develops to world advanced level, both of its installed capacity and generated energy rank in world top 2.

South of the Clouds, Yunnan province was one of the significant cradles of national industry, it has solid background for power equipment manufacturing industry. By introducing advanced technology, Juli group has made contribution to the development of national power industry, providing hundreds of thousands kilometers of high quality cable and high performance control gear assembly. Well-known brands Yeli and Juli were created, Juli also made contribution to the projects like Power Transmission from West to East China and Power Transmission from Yunnan to neighboring countries. With the further ahead of Juli group diversified development strategy, Juli people will make unremitting endeavor with colleagues and friends from same and different fields together to write gorgeous chapter for modern industry.

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