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Headline Today: Wang Guoxin, Wenzhou businessman in Yunnan, participates in high-speed railway construction as supplier


Recently, construction of Kunming south railway station, the first high speed railway station in Yunnan Province, enters into its final stage. As the cable and wire supplier, Wenzhou businessman Wang Guoxin leads Yunnan Juli Cable Co., Ltd participating construction of this national key project. Kunming South Railway Station is the vital infrastructure radiating to Southeast Asia in the national plan of One Belt and One Road initial. It’s the important traffic hub in road network of Yunnan Five Grids Construction, which is a large comprehensive transportation hub integrating with high speed rail, subway, buses as well as taxis.

Wang Guoxin, as one of the construction participants, his Juli Group is developing global markets, laying logistics information platform to dig Yunnan logistics opportunity. Since its establishment in 1995, Kunming Wenzhou General Chamber of Commerce is always the forerunner, its industries are all over Yunnan province, its investment fields covering industries as real estate development, mineral exploitation, hydropower development, manufacturing, logistics, hardware and electromechanical, hotel and catering, printing, clothing and textile as well as home decoration. So far among the 120 thousand Wenzhou businessmen in Yunnan, more than half of them are in Kunming.

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