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Kunming Daily: Dachong Industrial Park, the accumulation area of modern manufacturing industry

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It stepped into electric equipment manufacturing in 2003

Yunnan Juli Group is the largest private electric and cable manufacturer.


Yunnan Juli Group set the industrial chain from cable, electric and copper industry to electric engineering.

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Company Culture


Juli Group always adheres to the philosophy of Manufacturing Top Quality Product, Building Juli Image, and Creating Brand Enterprise, to develop and expand gradually.


Dachong industrial park, which is next to info industrial base and Wangjiaying modern logistics park, is the industrial park that eco & tech development zone pays special attention to. It will be another concentrating park with manufacturing industry oriented, technical research and development and production service,

Its north connects to belt expressway, north to Longgang, south to Dachong Village, eats to Chenghuang road. By Chenghuang road the industrial park south connects with Chenggong new distric, north reaches airport economic zone. Logistics and processing industry mate effectively.

So far in the park there are Electric Assembly Industrial Base of Yunnan Power Investment Corp and Yunnan Juli Group, also Luosiwan petty commodities processing base.

Yunnan Juli:

To forge world-known electrical equipment manufacturing enterprise

From an power line facility plant with 20 employees and 1 million asset, after 15 years hard work and development, Juli has become the largest private electric and cable manufacturer with registered capital RMB160 million, more than 400 employees, asset RMB530 million and annual output value RMB850million. By the spirit of Gathering Morale to be Huge Force, Unity to Forge Glory, Juli Group writes one successful private enterprising history, it’s the spirit reflect of being realistic, seeking change, innovation and victory.

Build four-in-one integrity industry

In 2003 Yunnan Juli Copper Industry Co., Ltd was established, specialize in manufacturing copper bar, wire, enameled wire, copper plate, strip and bar. Yunnan Juli Juli Electric Co., Ltd was established in 2004 to produce HT &Lt switchgear assembly, control device, elements and switches. In 2005 Juli Group was established.

In Nov 2015, production base of Juli Group located in Dachong Industrial Park put into pilot production. This base covers an area of 80,040m2, it closes to Kunming-Shilin and Kunming-Yuxi expressway, its good location provides a platform for group development. In the base there are office building, electric and cable manufacturing workshop, living quarter and greening area. Advance equipment were introduced to complete measure, guarantee quality and improve process and efficiency.

Since then, Juli Group made leap development, became the only new high-tech enterprise which business involves in cable manufacturing, manufacturing of HT< complete set electric equipment, copper processing, and construction of electric engineering. And set up its strategic development policy with core competitiveness.

In 2006 both output value and sales value of Yunnan Juli Group excessed hundred million, its product expanded to ACSR, steel stranded conductor, sheathed cable, XLPE cable, aerial cable and control cable.

Start high-end manufacturing, explore the international market

From cable, electric and copper industry to electric engineering, industrial chain of Yunnan Juli Group was perfecting. On March 28 2012, kick off ceremony for construction of special cable production line was held, it investment was RMB120 million, covers an area of 30 thousand sq. m workshop, office area and 4,700 sq.m greening area. It planned to build a one-floor workshop, a four-floor workshop, a 6-floor complex building and one underground garage. It estimated capacity will be 12,000t/a. Product will sell to Southeast Asia and all over China, annual output value will be RMB660million and earn USD30 million foreign exchanges through export.

Wang Guoxin, Chairman and president of Yunnan Juli Group, introduced that Juli group was the 1st batch companies gained import and export certification in Yunnan Province, but for a long time its product were sold to China western provinces. With the further development of Bridgehead Construction and setup of China- ASEAN Free Trade Area, advantage of border trade of Yunnan will be more and more prominent. Yunnan Juli Group is planning to increase its product coverage and sale value in abroad market, to make a stronger enterprise utilizing internal and external superiority and opportunity.

Compared with coastal developed areas, manufacturing industrial of Yunnan province is weaker, but it has its unparalleled advantage, Wang Guoxin said, after the new project reaching capacity, Yunnan Juli Group will strive to increase products sales proportion.

Perfect Tech Innovation System to Enhance Competitiveness

To be invincible, Juli Group keeps upgrading tech innovation system, establishes and improves internal technical team and external sustaining network.

Juli Group unceasingly carries out employees’ skill training in talent team building. Now it has more than 400 employees, among whom 60 are technicist, 15 are senior technician. More than 200 people have college or professional school education background. Those people provide powerful tech support for site production.

For innovation system building,Juli Group adheres to the management aim of People

Oriented,Tech Innovation,Market as Guide,Science and Tech to Seek Development. It deeply implements high, fast, new and leading tech innovation and brand building.

Science and tech are infinite,innovation is limitless. Confronting with changing market and opportunity, Wang Guoxin thinks, in one hand enterprise must maintain the advantage with leading tech and in another, innovation must be proper. Excessive innovation may result in inverse effect and increasing cost. In this way Yunnan Juli Group can meet market needs, and its annual sales growth is not less than 20%.

Extend industrial chain, plan leap development

Until now Yunnan Juli Group is the largest private electric and cable manufacturer in Yunnan province with asset RMB530million and annual output value RMB850million. While maintaining main business running well, Juli Group is seeking diversified development. In April 2015 Yunnan Juli International Logistics Co., Ltd was established to optimize capital operation, and realize enterprise sustainable development.

Today’s Juli is the well-known brand in Yunnan Province even in ASEAN markets. Juli Group is writing development history of modern enterprise with modern idea and advanced thoughts. An enterprise regards product quality as life, takes normative management as soul, this strong, modernized, specialized and normalized electric manufacturing group is rising.

Just like big ships compete in the mighty current, try to race to the top, Wang Guoxin remarked. Look forward to the future, Juli Group will seize the opportunity to expand ASEAN markets, and in another hand, relying on its main business, it will develop to be a world-known enterprise within 10 years, to realize the strategic target of Today it is China Juli, future Juli will enjoy high reputation in the world, to make contribution to promote Yunnan economy and China prosperity.

Build Juli Image, Create Brand Enterprise

Produce top quality product, build Juli image and create brand enterprise, Wang Guoxin proposed. Every product made by Juli is the hearty dedication of Jul people, it reflects the perfect service. To reach this Juli Group tries to perfect internal management system in many aspects, and by various of employees’ cultural activities to set up cultural connotation, to create brand enterprise.

Strict and normative management

For internal management, Wang Guoxin thinks that one think can be an attitude, that attitude can be habit, the habit can control people’s behavior and outcome. For a company, this kind of habit is enterprise culture.

Wang Guoxin mentioned, enterprise is a team, its awareness will decide the enterprise behavior and development. Two things are vital to manage an enterprise, respectively strict and normative management and enterprise culture building. He thinks management is an eternal topic and it’s the essential issues for enterprise. Good management can bring about talent, profit and development. For this issue Wang Guoxin has initiative spirit, ha changes conventional management, establishes new behavior and operation pattern,

By scientific internal management, Juli Group guarantees 100% product quality, group has passed ISO9001-2000, CCC and safety certification for electrotechnical products. And group is the recommended manufacturer by State Power Corporation for construction and renovation of urban and rural power grids

Stress Enterprise Culture Building

While expanding market and strengthening internal management, Juli Group also pays attention to culture building and CPC Party-mass development.

Labor union of Juli Group was established in 2007, in 2010 party and youth league branch were found. By Top 10 Employees and Excellent Employees Juli Group set up sound proposal system to motivate employees.

For consecutive years, Yunnan Juli Group won the honors of Enterprise Abides by Contract, Civilized Enterprise, and Excellent Enterprise. Besides. Wang Guoxin, chairman of Juli Group, has won many honors such as China Excellent Private Tech Entrepreneur, Excellent Private Tech Entrepreneur in Yunnan Province, Kunming Excellent Entrepreneur and Yunnan Top 10 Entrepreneurs with Innovation Capability

To embrace the future and forge the world-known enterprise with core competitiveness, Juli people adhere to the philosophy of Produce Top Quality Product, Build Juli Image and Crate Brand Enterprise.

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