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On January 20 2014, Yunnan Juli Kaixuan Hotel started business. It marked Juli Group stepped toward service sector.
At present, Juli Group becomes a large and middle scale private enterprise with 8 subsidiaries (among which 2 are new high-tech enterprise). It has sound and normative CPC Party-mass structure, secondary industry and service sector develop harmonically.


2013 was the year Juli Group made leap development, Yunnan Juli Logistics Park Management Co., Ltd and Yunnan Juli Kaixuan Hotel were established consecutively. Diversified development of Juli Group has taken shape. And Juli Group took new journey to try to rank in the National Private Enterprise Main Business Revenue Top 500.


March 2012 Kick-off ceremony of Construction Project for Yunnan Juli Special Cable Production Line was hold. Now the project is finished and will put into production soon, after that its estimated output value will be up to ¥660 million and earn foreign exchange through export will be up to $30 million.
On April 5 2012, Yunnan Juli International Logistics Co., Ltd was established, company owns railway special line, and annual handling capacity is up to 600,000 tons. With the construction advance of Pan-Asia railway, company has planned to select site to construct railway logistics bases in neighboring countries such as Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar and Thailand.
September 2012, Yunnan Juli Investment Co., Ltd was established.


Yunnan Juli Electric Engineering Co., Ltd was established, Juli people and his service team began to serve in the sites in Yunnan Province, east China, ASEAN and South Asia.


Yunnan Juli Group was formally established. In the same year November, commissioning started in the production base with an area of more than 133,200m2 located in current Dachong Industrial Park of Eco & Tech Zone, thus the development pattern integrated with copper material, cable and wire and electric was formed. Group output capacity was increased substantially. It marked strategy of Juli for product technology upgrade and update has achieved signal victory.


Wenzhou businessman Mr. Wang Guoxin led other dream-seekers to establish Yunnan Juli Power Line Facility plant in Kunming east suburban, it is the initiate of Juli Group.

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